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About Alumni Registry

Alumni Registry is an effort from our end - Team VisionUVCE- to list the names of UVCE alumni who have registered with us. We will send Sampada and other updates regularly to these alumni. We also hope that it will help in locating our long-lost batchmates and other seniors-juniors from UVCE.

To check people of specific batch and branch, you need to click on "Branch" header and search for your graduation year, which will sort it in the order to help you browse easily.

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How to Register?

You need to just fill the below simple form by providing basic information

Sharing Information

We will not share your private information with anyone without your prior apporval. The intention is to bring the alumni together and build the alumni community. If someone in your batch is trying to get in touch with everyone, we will send a notification to you and only with your consent, share your details.

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Year Registration Count